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sound baths at Brinkburn Northumberland

Sound Baths in Northumberland

Brinkburn is a place
to heal

Check out our upcoming sound baths in collaboration with LIFE Holistic Therapies and book your tickets now

Discover LIFE Holistic Therapies
life holistic therapies sound bath at Brinkburn Northumberland

LIFE Holistic Therapies

Rachel specialises in helping people relax and release tension while working towards building healthy and happy communities with sound vibrations. Take a look at our blog post on what to expect.

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sound bath in the loft at Brinkburn Northumberland

The Loft

Make time for you. Unwind to the sacred sounds of ancient, ambient Gongs and harmonic Himalayan Singing Bowls. Release stress and tension whilst instilling feelings of joy, peace and love. The beautiful vibrations help lower you brain waves into a dream-like state, gently soothing your nervous system.

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What is a sound bath?

A sound bath offers you an opportunity to release stress and tension while instilling feelings of joy, peace, and love through the sacred sounds of the grounding Drum, harmonic Himalayan Singing Bowls and ancient, ambient Gongs.

What to bring?

Yoga/fitness mat - Cushion/Blanket for extra support and comfort - Water - An open mind (experiencing sound is different for everyone and each sound bath can bring a different experience).

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