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Sound Bath - What to Expect?

sound bath in the Tipi at brinkburn northumberland


A sound bath offers you an opportunity to release stress and tension while instilling feelings of joy, peace, and love through the sacred sounds of the grounding Drum, harmonic Himalayan Singing Bowls and ancient, ambient Gongs.

Beautiful, soft, relaxing waves of sound will first bring you into the present moment, leaving your day/week behind as you settle into your space. Helping lower your brain waves into a dream-like state, connecting with your subconscious mind, you will begin to let go and the hypnotic sounds will transport you to a place of tranquility, gently soothing your nervous system.

Lowering our brain waves naturally with healing sounds allows us to tune into our intuition, gain insights and see things from a different perspective, helping us release experiences, thought patterns and emotions that don’t serve our greatest good.

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You may wish to bring some props to keep you comfortable such as:

A yoga/fitness mat to lie on.

Cushions to support your head/place under your knees.

Blanket/s to help keep you warm (especially if we are outside).

An eye pillow (if you wish to cover your eyes).

A drink of water to sip.

An open mind (experiencing sound is different for everyone and each sound bath can bring a different experience.


"The sound bath was wonderful and I had the best nights sleep I've had in a long time." - Barbara

"Thank you so much for last night. It was very powerful and I loved it." - Julie

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