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Where Work Meets Wanderlust


Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Northumberland, Brinkburn boasts a charming blend of history and natural beauty. With its luxury cottages and scenic surroundings, the estate provides an idyllic escape for both work and leisure.

The luxury cottages at Brinkburn offer modern amenities seamlessly integrated into the rustic charm of the countryside. High-speed internet ensures a smooth remote work experience, allowing you to stay connected without compromising the serenity of your surroundings. Set up your laptop in a snug corner with views of lush greenery and let the soothing ambiance enhance your productivity.


A staycation at Brinkburn is made even more delightful when shared with friends. The spacious accommodations cater to groups, providing a communal atmosphere where you can collaborate during work hours and unwind together in the evenings. Whether it's cooking a shared meal in the well-equipped kitchen or enjoying a glass of wine by the fireplace, the setting encourages camaraderie.


For those who crave the great outdoors, Brinkburn is surrounded by a myriad of walking trails. Take your furry friend along for a leisurely stroll through ancient woodlands, along the riverbanks, and across meadows. The Northumberland countryside, with its rolling hills and historic sites, offers a captivating backdrop for exploration and relaxation.


As the workday winds down, the Coquet River beckons with promises of fishing adventures. Grab your fishing gear and head to the riverbank, where the tranquil waters offer a perfect backdrop for casting lines and exchanging stories with friends.


Brinkburn Northumberland seamlessly blends work and play. With its historic charm, modern amenities, and proximity to nature, this workation destination provides the perfect setting for a memorable getaway with friends, furry companions, fishing excursions, and scenic walks. Embrace the balance of productivity and relaxation in this enchanting space.

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