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Our Yoga Retreats - What to Expect?

Group of friends experiencing Yoga Wellness retreat at Brinkburn Northumberland

Brinkburn works extremely hard as a wedding venue in our tipis and throughout the accommodation during the summer. The four garden cottages are neatly lined up in a row, each with two bedrooms and bathrooms. The Stables and the small Priory Cottage are also nearby.

what to expect at our yoga retreats

"We have long believed that Brinkburn lends itself to gatherings, feasting, fresh air, being outside, and feeling well. We decided to collaborate with Ignite Your Being because I am passionate about my yoga classes and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to host a yoga retreat and bring Brinkburn back to life in the New Year.

Well, we just finished our first yoga retreat together! Discovering how people enjoy the space, the outdoors, the nutritious food, and Leigh's fantastic teaching has been a wonderful experience. We hosted four friends from Kent, four from Leeds, and locals who fully immersed themselves in the event by booking a room and sleeping over. On Saturday and Sunday, five locals took a trip to Brinkburn for a non-residential weekend.

It was a fantastic retreat itinerary that included yoga, meditation, being outside in the woods, gathering, and walking alongside the riverside. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were all excellent opportunities for socialising. We braved the outdoors for peace and quiet by the Priory to take in the atmosphere, nature, and wildlife. In the evening, we returned to the cottages for those staying. We lit the fire in the yoga room in the morning in preparation for a pre-breakfast exercise and quiet time.

We had so much fun that we're planning another yoga retreat in March for about 15 people. We're also thinking about May when we expect 19 people will join us. Perhaps to take a paddle or even swim in the river, followed by lovely long walks over the hills.

Overall, it was a fantastic start to 2023, and cohort 1 had a memorable weekend yoga retreat. I believe it evoked emotions and was mesmerising how close we felt as a group by the end of the weekend.

We had a visitor who led one of the sessions, which I had never seen before; it was a drumming session. I was amazed at how quickly we became accustomed to being in a group, making trance and meditative music. Overall, I had a great time both hosting and participating in the yoga retreat. We can't wait for the next one." - Emma Fenwick, Brinkburn Partner

Brinkburn hosting yoga wellness retreat

"Emma... firstly thank you for such a wonderful and totally life-affirming weekend at your beautiful venue of Brinkburn. It's been an amazing experience all around... being my first retreat despite years of yoga over my years. Leigh is an amazing Yoga instructor and the group of ladies were all so supportive and friendly. Andrea provided such delicious food... what a feat to feed us all!"

"Leigh, Emma and Andrea, thank you so much for all the behind the scenes organisation for a weekend that flowed perfectly and was tonic for the body and soul"

"It's been a truly sensational weekend - amazing experience. Most definitely a big thank you to Leigh, Emma and Andrea - the delicious food was the icing on the cake"

"It was so so lovely to meet all of you ladies!! The energy this weekend was amazing, and I am so glad that I was able to be a part of it"

"Thank you so much Leigh, Emma & Andrea, so much thought, care and attention to detail, it's been an incredible retreat in the most fabulous setting"

"Thank you lovely fellow retreatees for sharing your beautiful energy, it's been a blessing to share the weekend with you all"

"Feeling so grateful for the weekend we just spent together. Ladies it was an absolute pleasure. Thank you Emma, Leigh and Andrea for the effort that went into making it a truly nourishing and inspirational experience. Feeling happy and contented..."

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