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Retreat: Hands of Light

Iain has studied Taiji and qi gong since 1980 and between 2005 and 2011, he regularly trained in China. He has been teaching since 1995 in Universities, Colleges and with many health and fitness centres, particularly focussing on the physical and mental health benefits. Iain has worked with the Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres and most recently with the Police treatment centre. Every year, Iain leads a series of master classes and has recently restarted his retreat program.

The retreat at Brinkburn in May 2024 will be based on stress prevention and meditation. Morning and evening sessions will teach a series of qi gong exercises for stress prevention and compliment this with Neidan meditation.

If you fancy a sneak peak at what's included, check out this video of the qi gong stress prevention routine from one of Iain's recent workshops:!Asfu8TZxQiuIgbJfXLWMwMBdE1SYFw?e=rVirGj

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