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Beth Shipperlee

THE Brinkburn Love Story

I only went and got MARRIED! I know… how weird?

On 1st May 2021, myself and my new hubby were married in The White Room at Brinkburn Northumberland followed by an emotional yet laid-back style wedding evening with 13 of our nearest and dearests as they gathered to witness the most paramount moment of our lives.


Our Story

In August 2017, we started hiring new event staff and Andy’s name was brought to the table. The office team hired him, and we first bumped into each other in the White Room. He turned up looking for direction on what he should be doing and my wedding coordinator alter-ego crept out. I wish I could say that it was a simple exchange of pleasantries but instead, I just started barking orders to him… a sign of what was to come!

As we moved into the evening of the wedding shift, we ended up working closely on the Tipi bar and after a while, he also became very passionate about the wedding industry. So, he moved on to another venue in Northumberland so that we could start dating without the “taboo” nature of dating a co-worker.

A few years later, when he got down on one knee and proposed, it was a no-brainer that we marry in the room where we first met and dine in the tipis where we got to know each other.

A Covid-19 Wedding

We got engaged only 4 months before national lockdown came into play. Whilst this is still a devastating blow for everyone in many different ways, Andy and I were inspired by those who still wished to get married. I remember seeing a picture from WW2 with a bride walking through the rubble to get married. I recognised a modern-day parallel in the Covid-19 weddings. Seeing couples determined to become husband and wife despite what life throws at them.

I knew when I wanted to get married, and I knew that I wanted to put a unique twist on the day. I did not think it would be a micro wedding but when life gives you lemons-you make lemonade!

The Dress

I will be frank with you, this was the hardest part of planning. Not only were the dress shops shut, but I am also a strong believer in there is no one style of dress that is the “best”. I believe that the perfect dress is the one that complements the bride’s complexion, figure, and overall personal style. So, I waited until 2 WEEKS before my day to get my dress as I knew I had to try them on before making a purchase.

The bridal stylists were so helpful in finding me the right dress and once I explained that my style dictated I wanted something minimalistic whilst still feeling like a bride, they pulled out an A-line satin by Anna Sorrano. It was one of a kind and fit me like a glove. I was conscious that it brought too much attention to me, but they kindly reminded me that, this is what a wedding dress is supposed to do. I guess I am just not used to that!

The Style

This is my favourite part of planning.

To add to the ‘being unique’ part of my wedding, I went for all dried flowers. Despite knowing many talented suppliers who would have done an amazing job and probably made it easier for me, I decided to do it all myself. I had a specific vision in mind and creativity is something I thrive with, so I was excited to make my vision a reality. Also, with dried flowers, they can all be done in advance so that I was not rushing around the day before.

With this came the neutral beige palette which complimented the Tipi and Stonework beautifully with black detailing for contrast to a ‘White Wedding’.

Being a micro-wedding, I was able to buy my own cutlery and crockery to make it unlike any other wedding I have seen (plus, I now have 15 matching set for my house!). I also kept in the back of my mind that a Brinkburn Bride (shout out to Charlie) brought her own napkins and in conversation she mentioned that she had simply bought some bed linen and made them herself. How clever.


Throughout our weekend, I was blessed with a few surprises.

The first one came when we went to get our couple portraits. Andy had mentioned in our very first meeting with Rosie that he had seen some really cool images with smoke bombs and though the idea got a little lost, Rosie had picked up on it and just pulled one out of her bag of tricks! Thanks Rosie!!

Once we returned to the Tipi, we sat down for the wedding breakfast. We had a pianist playing in the background and mid-conversation, I heard some singing. Unknown to me, Andy’s little sister had been practicing singing the song we walked down the aisle to with the pianist and she got up to sing in front of us all. I was so overcome with emotion and so proud of her. I just sobbed all the way through. Such a special moment that I will never forget.

I eventually pulled myself back together and returned to enjoying my meal when bowls were delivered to the table just ahead of dessert. I thought to myself – this is a little weird? I can’t remember this being on the menu? Then suddenly the chef made an appearance. He poured some liquid into the bowls and I quickly realised it was dried ice. The table filled with mist. It was so beautiful and had us all in awe.

This is only to name a few – all that attended and even those that did not made such an effort to make our day truly special. It is the moments that you do not plan that stick in your mind the most.



I got rather emotional on the run-up to my wedding day. After so long of working hard to make every couple’s day perfect, I thought to myself “who will be doing that for me on our wedding day”. Well, I only wished I had trusted the process.

We have many ‘friends within the industry that I could have chosen from, all of whom are very talented. But I wanted to go with those who I knew but did not know TOO well so that I did not feel as if I was working.

Brinkburn Northumberland (Venue) – Every member of the team played a part in making my day special. From Emma & Mark who kindly let me book the venue, to Catherine & her team who prepared the cottages for my arrival all the way through to Ellie, Beth, and Amelia who set up and ran the day without me even lifting a finger. Thank you.

Rosie Davison (Photographer) – I have only worked with Rosie on a handful of occasions and each time I meet with her, she has a laid back and calm presence to work with. Always with a smile on her face. So far we have only seen the sneak peek and I am already in awe of the moments she captured. Thank you.

Mink Studios (Hair) –  Jade and her team were so patient with me and my bridal party and gave great advice on what style best suited our hair types. Thank You.

Makeup By Molly – From the moment she did my eyebrows at my trial, I knew I had picked the right woman for the job. Molly took her time to talk me and my bridal party through what we like and simply made us all feel so confident throughout the day. The makeup suited our skin types perfectly and lasted all day long. I do not know how she did it, but I have never felt so beautiful. Thank you.

Tom the Pianist – Tom subtly set up during our drinks reception and added that final touch of magic to our wedding breakfast. Plus helping with the surprise of Andy’s little sister singing meant the world to me. Thank you.

Catering – I booked the caterers rather last minute and quite simply put, they delivered above and beyond. Not only did the chef deliver the most delicious food, perfectly on time and presented to the highest standard, but the little surprises delivered along the way were such a personal touch. I ate so much that I almost popped out my dress! Thank you.