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Covid-19 Updates

Update on: 01.05.20

We all know that we are now in the COVID -19 Pandemic for the long haul. It is impacting on every family in the UK.  Everyone’s life plans have been altered, kids with exams, young people at University, new jobs to be taken up, house moves, holidays, and for all those planning weddings.

Brinkburn Northumberland are working to adapt to these great changes as smoothly as possible and the team are eager to reach out to everyone who’s plans have been disrupted. As the first few weeks of this pandemic began to unfold, we felt the disappointment radiating throughout our couples but also throughout the team at Brinkburn who were just getting ready to start doing what they do best.

When talking to our booked couples it is obvious that they have chosen Brinkburn Northumberland because they have made a connection with the venue. This is true for us too. Every day that we are at Brinkburn we put our all into making it the best possible space for you to celebrate. All that our couples want to do is to get down the aisle and we want to facilitate that as soon as we can. It is our job and responsibility to plan weddings that bring families together to celebrate a wonderful long-lasting union. We are confident that we can accommodate reasonably and fairly, as further information around the future is clarified.

The wedding venue industry has however been called to account this week by two vastly different publications which we would like to share with you all.

The first by ‘Love My Dress’, one of the great UK wedding blogs, an authority on all things chic, current, and cool in the wedding industry. They have published a blog on how wedding venues are responding to the lockdown. It is a cool headed and fair response by industry consultants, and venue owners.

You can read it here

The second publication is a press release and statement by the Competition and Market Authority. They have launched an investigation today into cancellation and refunds within the holiday, wedding and nursery industry.

It is also a cool headed and fair statement ‘The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, consumer contracts, cancellation and refunds.’

You can read it here

Our intention as always is to work with our couples to deliver the best wedding possible, in a fair, open, and reasonable manor. To communicate promptly, clearly, and honestly. To develop good relationships with our couples so that we can anticipate their needs, have their confidence and deliver a day with the least stress possible.

We are certain that we have alternative dates for all of our couples if needed.  We are confident that through the best communication and honest intentions that we will be able to complete the delivery of your wedding day leaving you with lasting memories.


Update on: 30.04.20

All face to face appointments with co-ordinators and tastings with Wilkins Fine dining will not be taking place until further notice. This means that Brinkburn Northumberland will not be open on the 9th/10th May for the open weekend and tasting weekend.

We understand that many people need time to focus on keeping themselves and their families safe so we will not be rescheduling until we have a clearer understanding of the timescale of lock down.

Leah, our most senior wedding co-ordinator, is available for a meeting via ‘zoom’ so if you wish to discuss your wedding plans further please get in touch via to schedule an appointment.


Update on: 31.03.20

We have been overwhelmed with the patience, love and support that has been shown from our clients and suppliers.

We are adapting our stance on a daily basis as the news changes. However we are fully aware of our next steps and are keeping our couples updated as things progress. Watch this page for any further public updates.

Your wedding truly gives us all something to look forward to once this is all over!


Update on: 27.03.20

The Brinkburn wedding co-ordinators are currently taking a temporary leave of absence to focus on staying safe and looking after their families during this difficult time. This means the team are currently not available to discuss wedding planning. However, leave the stress of planning with us. We still have your back.

We are currently running on a skeleton team and so our office is not manned 9am-5pm.

For all Covid-19 queries, your point of contact will be Mark Fenwick, our Managing Partner.

He is in the office every day but has both practical and administrative work to complete in order to keep Brinkburn Northumberland operational. He will get back to you as soon as he can.


Tel: 01665 570 870

For urgent wedding planning question, your point of contact will be Suzette who is working from home with all the issues that this brings. She will contact you as soon as she can.


The message we are finding most useful currently is:

  1. Make a plan
  2. Stay connected
  3. Look after yourself
  4. Manage your fears
  5. Review Weekly

The Brinkburn Team are always aware of how privileged we are that you chose to get married with us. We wish you, your family and friends good health.


Update on: 25.03.20

We are aware that some of you may be apprehensive in these unprecedented times. However we have got your back and we are going to try our best to put your minds at ease.

Understandably, some of you may be worried about the security of your wedding date. At the moment we are in the process of trying to move and change all weddings from now till the end of May.  As a small team with many factors to consider this is not going to be done quickly – we are all pretty much working round the clock to get this sorted as quickly as we possibly can, but there is a huge amount involved in moving so many couples dates at once.

We will be in touch soon but for those who would like any further information at this time, please call the managing partners in the office on: 01665 570 870. The wedding

The Wedding Co-ordinators are limited as to what we can disclose at this time but we appreciate your continued patience.